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             1 Fresh seed  
             New Phenotype                      
             Creamed Fruit #2
Creamed fruit  #2  is  a  combination  of Cream soma #1 x Fruity pebbles #1  Cream Soma is a high-CBD strain derived from Critical Kush x Undisclosed genetics. This strain is excellent for anxiety, inflammation, pain management, and insomnia. Cream soma is a rare strain having equal parts THC to CBD.
THC 15% - 25%, CBD 8%, CBN 2%
 Crossed with Fruity pebbles should make it have a stronger fruity flavor and aroma along with it's higher thc levels and more colorful buds. The Cream soma already makes large tight buds, but mixed with the Fruity pebbles strain the buds are more dense. Great addition to any collection. 
The Cream soma being one of my favorite strains, and then mixed with another one of my favorite strains just made it that much more enjoyable to grow and medicate with for me.
            Not Feminized or Autoflower. 
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